About Nino Bartolo

Nino Bartolo, a multi-talented artist hailing from Macau of Portuguese descent, has garnered acclaim in both photography and hairdressing. He has been honoured with multiple awards, including the prestigious "Picture of the Year 2011/12" in the Exposure Award Photo Competition.

A decade ago, Nino fully committed to photography, honing his skills in portraiture, landscape, and architecture, utilising both digital and analogue medium format cameras. His work has been featured on the website of Italian Vogue and he has had the privilege of photographing notable figures such as Simon Callow, Jon Shawn, and Soler Rock Band.

In November 2022, Nino showcased his first solo exhibition in Macau, "Vision Through My Eyes," at the Taipa Living Space in Macau, where he presented a visual journey through his unique perspective on the world. 





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